How to make your beauty communication stand out, according to the digital expert
Anna Bjärnström: Personalisation is a game-changer.
24 Oct 2023

Bjärnström has a background as a hairstylist and salon owner with over 15 years of experience. She recently transitioned into the role of a digital business developer and alongside her colleague, Hanna Hatje, she co-founded Hall & Hatje, specialising in digital services for the beauty industry.

— We’re Sweden’s pioneering digital agency dedicated to the beauty industry, offering a range of services, including SEO, web optimization, social media management, and advertising, she says. The goal is to help beauty entrepreneurs grow their online presence, thanks to our in-depth understanding of the industry combined with our expertise in digital marketing.

Anna Bjärnström and Hanna Hatje.

And what are they looking for the most now, the brands?

— In these times, most businesses are shifting their focus towards profitability rather than sheer growth, which has prompted a need for fresh strategies. The beauty industry, like many others, is in a state of adaptation. Brands are now seeking cost-effective digital solutions that not only enhance their online presence but also drive profitability. It’s about being agile and making the most of available resources, which is also where we can come in.

How do beauty brands differentiate from other industries in their online presence? 

— Compelling imagery, video content, and user-generated content all play significant roles, while authenticity and customer engagement are key factors in truly standing out from the crowd.

And what are the major keys in order for brands to grow their visibility and revenue from online and social channels?

— Visibility and revenue growth depend on content quality, audience targeting, and data-driven decision-making. A consistent, engaging online presence, coupled with analytics, is essential, says Bjärnström.

A lot of this is of course controlled by algorithms. How shall brands work with them in order to get the best results?

— You’re absolutely right; algorithms play a significant role in determining the reach and impact of your content. To get the best results, brands must adapt by aligning their content with the preferences of these algorithms. This means creating content that’s not only engaging but also aligns with the platform’s guidelines. It’s a dynamic process, and staying updated with algorithm changes is vital, which, we understand, can be a challenge for many of our clients, and where they need guidance and support.

What’s required in order to create engaging content and online presence?

— Understanding your audience, staying authentic, and being consistent. High-quality visuals, storytelling, and user-generated content all play a crucial part. But most importantly, it’s about making content that really resonates with your target audience, keeps them engaged, and fosters a sense of community.

We also hear a lot of buzzwords here. Which is the most important one to know right now?

— I would say that Social commerce is a significant buzzword right now. It involves the integration of e-commerce with social media platforms, making it easier for customers to shop. It’s absolutely a game-changer for beauty brands. Personalisation is gaining importance, with AI and machine learning driving tailored customer experiences. 

And how can brands work with Social commerce?

— The trick is to keep it simple — make it easy for customers to find and buy products directly through their favourite social channels. An excellent example of a new way to shop is Klarna’s new feature with its ’AI image search’ that allows consumers to snap pictures, identify, and shop anything in their surroundings. With the Klarna app and this new shopping tool in your pocket, the whole world becomes a shopping paradise. For smaller online stores and salons, diving into Instagram shopping is a solid kickoff. Here’s a valuable tip: share content that’s not just plain product pics but instead brings inspiration and a vibe that gets your audience excited.

Which will be the next big thing here?

— I would say that integrating AI across your entire organisation to ensure efficiency is one of the most crucial initiatives to engage with right now. It will free up more of your time to focus on creating authentic content for your customers. And, as we’ve noted, personalisation is incredibly important!

How do you think the rise of personalisation will shape the landscape?

— It’s a game-changer. It will drive a shift toward more tailored customer experiences. Brands that can provide personalised recommendations, customised content, and individualised shopping journeys will stand out. Personalisation enhances customer loyalty and increases sales. It’s about making each customer feel unique and valued in the digital space, says Bjärnström. She continues:

— Personalisation not only boosts customer loyalty but also gives sales a significant lift. It’s all about making each customer feel one-of-a-kind. Salon owners, hairdressers, and therapists have a unique advantage in this arena because of their close connection with customers. They hold a real opportunity to provide that personal touch and recommend entirely customised products. I hope this personal touch can be translated more extensively into the online sphere. 

— Looking ahead, I envision more salons adopting an omnichannel approach, where the personalisation experienced in the salon seamlessly transitions online. Imagine a scenario where a customer visiting the salon for a Dermapen treatment receives recommendations for sunblock as soon as the sun starts shining. Digital avatars might not be far off, gathering all those personal preferences. 

— I’d love to see an increase in personalised quizzes and newsletters, and I encourage more salons to dive into digital consultations. Above all, I wish salons to see the valuable data they have and learn how to use it to give customers the best experience and build strong bonds and loyal relationships with their customers. 

And for you, what’s next?

— We’re launching a special service tailor-made for salons. On November 28, we’re hosting a seminar at the Stockholm Beauty Week, focusing on how to use your digital presence to attract more customers to your salon. Additionally, we’re developing our very own online training program. It’s designed to assist all beauty entrepreneurs in enhancing their digital presence to reach new customers effectively, Bjärnström concludes.