X Noms
How NOMS challenges the production, distribution, and experience of fashion
The brand serves as a digital platform where consumers can order contemporary, fair trade garments, produced locally and on-demand.
18 Feb 2022

The newly launched fashion brand NOMS, short for National Outfit Manufacturing Services, uses a network of micro-factories, embedding local tailors and dry cleaners in the production of garments by request.

Rodrigo Gutierrez Benavente, creative director and co-founder, realised the value of local tailors and came to the idea for the brand in conjunction with Siri Vikman, CEO, Aleksandar Paranos, CFO, and Philip Arvidsson, CTO. Business developer Simon Hjelte acts as an external advisor. 

—  The established fashion industry has fooled itself into believing that the way to the consumer is through mass production and competing with price and availability. In today’s high tech world, foundational values like human interactions and great fit have gotten lost, tells Rodrigo Gutierrez Benavente.


But NOMS is not only a fashion brand, it is a proposal towards a new system for manufacturing clothes. The company has a long term partnership with ACG Nyström, the biggest supplier of textile machinery in the Nordics. Being a shareholder in the company, ACG Nyström has also helped to establish the brand’s pre-production facility in Borås, Sweden. This infrastructure enables decentralised mass production of high-quality products, only by request.

— Our vision is that the customer will get its on-demand garment just as fast as a warehouse-stored garment. Our plan is also to scale the infrastructure globally and share it with other brands through collabs, Siri Vikman comments.

— We have an organic perspective on the design process. The materials are defined by the supply of the moment, in the form of fabric leftovers that we source globally. There will be everything from functional garments to more advanced and expressive pieces, Gutierrez Benavente tells.

NOMS’ first drop, under the name of BETA, has been launched in conjunction with Stockholm Fashion Week, where the company participated through a digital presentation. The drop consists of a denim set, a kimono set, and a t-shirt program, and is available to the consumer through invites.