How Baseofsweden’s ”makeup made to perform” disrupts the beauty industry
We speak to top model, entrepreneur, and the Swedish makeup brand’s co-founder Victoria Silvstedt on secret formulas, challenging synthetic makeup.
29 Jun 2021

Jasmine Lundqvist founded Baseofsweden with the mission to create the world’s best base makeup for an active lifestyle, so-called makeup made to perform. The brand was launched with The Base Foundation in 2019 and won the CosmoAward for Best makeup product at the world’s biggest beauty fair, Cosmoprof in Bologna. 

— I met with Jasmine through her business podcast, tells Victoria Silvstedt, and she later sent me the foundation. I was amazed — it was like nothing I have ever tested before, and I have tried a lot of different makeup in my model days!

So, Silvstedt invested in the company and became Global ambassador. Apart from The Base Foundation, the range now includes The Makeup Remover, The Application Brush, and the highly innovative, unisex The Base Primer, launched last winter.

— It’s an all organic and natural primer boosted with vegetal collagen, Silvstedt tells. It’s very difficult to find natural products that can perform as well as synthetic make up, so it stands out a lot with its organic ingredients. A natural primer will strengthen your skin over time while most synthetic primer only works for a shorter time. That’s what I love about it — it’s like skincare and makeup in one. It hydrates the skin on a deeper level and has a cooling, calming effect, minimises your pores and leaves a velvety smooth finish. I often wear the primer along with some bronzer for days when I’m on the go and feel like wearing light make up. Plus, it has a lot of anti ageing ingredients so it boosts your skin at the same time. I just love the soothing effect it has on my skin, it makes my skin feel so soft.

The Base Primer

If we talk about The Base Foundation, what makes it last up to 72 hours?

— I can not tell you that, it is a secret! But I can tell you that it’s a very unique and innovative formula. There was several years of testing and a very thoughtful process to develop those qualities that could make life easier for women and men on the go. It’s a unique foundation, and the fact that it really stays in place for so many hours is one of the reasons I got addicted to this product as you can really rely on it. I fell in love with it the first time I tried it. I have tried so many different kinds of foundations and I have really sensitive skin so I was surprised to see that this foundation lasted so long and worked so well on my skin. I use the shade Golden, it is perfect for when I have my summer tan.

Speaking of summer, how’s the best way to use the products now?

— I love to mix The Base Foundation with my body lotion and wear it all over my chest and legs, creating a stockings effect. For the face, I start with a moisturizer, then apply The Base Primer, and then use 1-2 pumps of the foundation and just apply it onto the skin with my fingers, massaging it into my skin quickly. I love how the foundation can stand the sun and the saltwater. Plus, it is vegan and has SPF30 in it, so I can wear it when I work out, go to the beach, or for late gala nights, Silvstedt concludes.