Home of Carlsberg reopens in Copenhagen to ”awaken the senses” after 5 years of modernisation
Aiming to create an inspiring and innovative place inside historic and well-preserved buildings.
4 Sep 2023

Beer has been brewed at the top of Valby Bakke in Copenhagen since 1847 where J.C. and Carl Jacobsen refined everything Carlsberg continues to brew today. These days, the company group not only comprises the world’s third-largest brewery but also three foundations, a research laboratory, and two museums. One of them, Visit Carlsberg, was first opened to the public in 1982 in J.C. Jacobsen’s first brewery on Valby Bakke. Since 2018, the destination, one of Copenhagen’s most popular tourist attractions, has been closed and undergone extensive modernisation. This winter, it reopens as Home of Carlsberg

Home of Carlsberg.

The rebranded venue includes an exhibition expanded from 1000 to 3000 m2. It will also carry new restaurants and bars in a historic setting, a bottle collection that’s said to amaze, architectural buildings, beer tastings, and guided tours in the old cellars. According to the new Director of Home of Carlsberg, Tine Kastrup-Misir, it also tells a piece of unique Danish history — in a new way. 

— It is a place that embraces history lovers, beer enthusiasts, architecture fans, and everyone in between, she says. We look forward to bringing locals and tourists together in close connection to the history, but also with good food experiences, culture, music, and of course the taste of probably the best beer in the world.

The new exhibition unfolds through digital layers, insight into the essential ingredients of beer, and engaging storytelling about family feuds, scientific breakthroughs and much more. With the ambition being to create an inspiring and innovative place to awaken the senses, it also shares more on Carlsberg’s work within science, art, and civil society as part of the mentioned laboratory and foundations.

Home of Carlsberg reopens on 1 December.