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Gucci joins forces with Superplastic in new NFT-drop
The drop includes NFTs, ceramic artworks and refurbished vintage pieces from the Gucci archive.
25 Jan 2022

Together Gucci and Superplastic are joining forces in a collaboration that consists of both digital and physical collectables. The collaboration is named SUPERGUCCI and will be in a series of three drops.

The first drop will be available on February 1st, and the ”ultra-limited” drop consists of ten unique NFTs, that are accompanied by a handmade Italian ceramic sculpture, co-designed by Gucci and Superplastic.

Superplastic is a company that creates animated synthetic celebrities, toys and collectables. The brand has been collaborating with celebrities and brands such as Fortnite, Gorillaz, J.Balvin and most recently announced an upcoming collab with Bored Ape Yacht Club.

For SUPERGUCCI, each NFT is realized together with Janky and Guggimon. Two enigmatic personalities, created by Superplastic, that are being described as virtual celebrities and artists. Together with Gucci, the two virtual characters are reinterpreting the Gucci house codes, from their point of view. What will be released are still unknown, but from teasers, it is possible to decipher a lot of Gucci iconography. For example, the iconic Gucci Flora print will be in the spotlight, together with pieces from the centennial, ‘Gucci Aria’-collection.

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The collaboration with Superplastic is a step further within the metaverse for the Italian fashion house. The brand launched its first NFT in relation to its centennial collection — ”Gucci Aria”. The NFT were later auctioned at Christie’s with a final price of $25 000. The brand has also made notable collaborations with Roblox, Pokémon GO and Tennis Clash.

The collection will be launched both on as well as on Gucci Vault — the brand’s digital concept store and experimental online space. In a statement from Gucci, SUPERGUCCI is a ”highly anticipated step for both organizations in their path of research, experimentation, and incursions into the metaverse”.

Besides the digital and physical collectables — presented in partnership with Superplastic — Gucci will also be releasing their sixth drop of vintage pieces on Gucci Vault. The pieces have been selected by Alessandro Michele, Creative Director of Gucci, and the brand’s archivists. They have then been restored, numbered and arrives in unique packaging.