Digital Fashion
Prada and adidas are stepping into the metaverse together
The two brands are moving into Web3 — with open-metaverse technology, the brands are breaking boundaries of what virtual art could be.
25 Jan 2022

In the next step of the ongoing collaboration between Prada and adidas Originals, the two brands are exploring the metaverse. Starting Tuesday January 24, people are invited to take part in a raffle where 3 000 participants will be selected. These will then be able to upload their own anonymized images, that will be minted into NFTs. Each individual NFT will then be used as a tile in an artwork created by the digital artist and creative coder, Zach Lieberman.

The final artwork, made by Lieberman, will be auctioned on SuperRare — a digital marketplace, for digital art. A majority of the proceeds will go to Slow Factory, a non-profit organization and institute working to create education to drive meaningful solutions and inclusive communities. A part of the proceeds will also go to Lieberman, as well as the community creators.

The project, which is named ’adidas for Prada Re-Source’ is built on open-source web3 technology, which celebrates and enables user-generated and creator-owned artworks. adidas — which is no stranger to the metaverse — presented in December 2021, its first move into the virtual sphere, when they presented a lavish NFT-collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club, Punks Comic and GMoney. Then, the almost 30 000 NFTs sold out in a matter of hours.

The NFT-project is an extension of the ’adidas for Prada Re-Nylon’-collection that was presented earlier in January. The collection is the first one Prada and adidas Originals are doing together which features ready-to-wear, accessories and sneakers. The collection highlights some of the brands most iconic signatures and blends the two brands aesthetics into a luxurious sporty collection in which Prada’s Re-Nylon fabric takes the center stage.

To learn more about ’adidas for Prada Re-Source’ visit adidas.