Grandpa’s co-founder on lessons learned from developing new Made in Sweden line on demand
Jonas Pelz on the pros and cons after trying local production.
31 Jul 2023

The leading Scandinavian retailer runs four stores in Sweden, offering a carefully selected and curated range of fashion and lifestyle items.

— We have high demands on sustainability — the things we sell must stand the test of time in terms of both quality and style, says Jonas Pelz, co-founder.

Following the recent major development with retailers creating their own in-house labels, Pelz and his team have spent the last few years developing clothes and lifestyle products under the brand Grandpa Goods. The latest release, named Made in Sweden, is locally produced on demand.

— It’s guided by our core values of Good People, Good Products, and Good Impact. We strive to make a real difference for sustainability and the environment, partly by finding new and smarter paths, and create products that will last. This capsule checks all the boxes for our definition of sustainability with high quality in a timeless style. Our setup in collaboration with NOMS (National Outfit Manufacturing Services) in Borås creates an opportunity to produce on demand with short lead times from concept to finished product, eliminating overproduction and cut down on transportation.

What were the biggest challenges when creating it?

— Just like with all clothing production, lead times and big MOQs are a big challenge. And even though the lead times in this case are significantly shorter, it may have taken a little longer to bring the products to market than we had hoped for. We’re just so impatient. At the same time, this project has progressed very smoothly. And the biggest lesson from this is that it is actually possible to produce clothes in Sweden. Even though we don’t create the materials here, the fabric dyeing is done in Sweden, so we are also very flexible and can create small limited colour choices in our collections.

Will we see more industry initiatives like this? And what’s required in order to make it happen?

— Hopefully! There are already some great examples of inspiring brands that are either experimenting a bit or going all the way, like A New Sweden. I guess it takes entrepreneurs like NOMS who dare to take the leap together with great opportunities that industry players like University of Borås provides.

Made in Sweden, Pelz continues, has received very positive feedback, both from the industry and the customers. 

— The sales have exceeded expectations considering that we launched this right at the beginning of the summer and the collection is quite ’robust’ in terms of its materials. We will definitely continue to develop our Made in Sweden production and expand the existing line. Next in line is a new unisex collection with a more functional, workwear–oriented line, planned to be released in October.

— Notably, we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary in November. We will also follow-up on our collaboration with Spektrum and continue exploring our international plans as we observe a growing demand and sales from our foreign markets. Exciting times ahead! he concludes.

Spektrum x Grandpa.

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