Outdoor products to watch: ”Technical masterpiece” and pullover from production scrap
Scandinavian Outdoor Award highlights the works by Nordisk and Aclima.
5 Jun 2023

After dedicated outdoor testing and lively discussions in North Karelia, Finland, the international jury of outdoor journalists and gear specialists have agreed on the winners of Scandinavian Outdoor Award Spring/Summer 2024. 

The overall winner was the down jacket Lodur from Silkeborg-based Nordisk. According to the jury, it’s the lightest highly rain repellent down jacket they’ve seen, weighing only 300 grams, yet keeping them warm. Nordisk uses RDS-certified Chrystal Down, where the name refers to its appearance which is reminiscent of a crystal. The jacket has an ultra-thin and light membrane that has a thickness of 1/10th of a human hair. 

Lodur by Nordisk. Photography: Christiane Setz-Müller

The Sustainability Award is given to Norwegian specialist in functional and outdoor Merino wool clothing Aclima with ReBorn Terry Pullover. The third-generation family business continues to turn its production scrap into products and the wool used here comes from Oeko-tex certified scrap fabrics. The reinforcing synthetic fibres are GRS certified, ensuring low environmental impact and controlled recycled material sources. The scrap wool is sorted by colour, so no re-dying is needed. 

Aclima’s ReBorn Terry Pullover.

Five other awards were handed out to Haglöfs (Apparel), Dometic (Hardware), Viking (Footwear), Recco (Technology), and Reima (Kids).