Eton and Dale of Norway launch locally knitted ”swacket” made of Norwegian wool
With a combined experience of 230 years, the two Scandinavian specialist brands team up to create ”Nordic Luxury”.
11 Nov 2021

Dale of Norway, founded in 1879, creates heritage sportswear, including the traditional ”lusekofte”, and is an official supplier of knitwear for the Norwegian Winter Olympic and Ski Team since 1956. The brand can be found in most exclusive winter resorts, including Val d’Isère, Cortina, and Squaw Valley. Around 50 years later, in 1928, global shirt specialist Eton was founded, now offering refined dress and casual shirts, including overshirts, and accessories in over 50 countries, including some of the world’s most exclusive department stores.

Today, the two brands launch a product that they believe combines the best of the two brands. Designed in Sweden and Norway by the brands’ creative directors, Sebastian Dolllinger and Håkon Dyngeland Solem, it’s knitted locally in Norway. Using the first lamb’s wool from free-range dalasau sheep that roam the slopes of the mountainous Vestland region, the sweater jacket — ”swacket” — merges urban elegance with heritage sportswear. The wool used was sheared and knitted locally using machines to limit waste fabrics, while reducing transportation. Both light and warming, the wool and its mono-coloured fishbone stitch pattern will only grow softer with wear, in line with both brands’ dedication to design made to last.

— I’m beyond pleased with the result of our collaboration. I feel like we have found an Eton in Norway with Dale — but instead of shirts in the finest quality possible, they excel and are best-in-class when it comes to knitwear. We have so much in common. Together we have created a design that is relevant anywhere, all year, as an outdoor jacket or a layering piece: a classic, timeless garment that appeals to many different people. That is the definition of successful design to me, says Sebastian Dollinger.

— I trained in Italy, and I have worked in the fashion world for a long time — to me, Eton has always stood out as a leading shirt brand. And Sebastian Dollinger and I have a great connection: we’re on the same planet. It was natural for both of us to create something that took our brands in a new direction while holding on to our traditions and origins. A statement piece. We created something very Scandinavian together: Nature is so important to us here, and I think you can see that in the ruggedness of the wool — but in combination with clean, classic, elegant lines — this is Nordic luxury, says Håkon Dyngeland Solem.