Schnayderman’s redefines what it means to have a ”brand new outfit” in upcycled capsule
”The most interesting part of the concept is the scale implied,” creative director Hampus Bernhoff comments on the GIT-OYG drop.
4 Nov 2021

The concept takes its influence from the Yiddish term GIT-OYG, meaning ”the good eye”, and the first capsule consists of 10 reimagined and sustainably created garments.

— With GIT-OYG, we are redefining what it means to have a ’brand new outfit’ as we are upcycling previously produced garments. The most interesting part of the concept however is the scale implied. Discarded textiles, as well as old styles, will go through our new process and have a near-zero impact on the environment. All it takes is creative solutions and a good eye for the customers’ needs, says Hampus Bernhoff.

— Our industry is screaming for more sustainability initiatives such as this one, so to be part of this is something we are very proud about, says Kristian Rajnai, co-partner at retailer APLACE, which will be the first to offer the GIT-OYG capsule this week.