Copenhagen-based research lab Space10 unfolds two-week design pop-up in Mexico City
Exploring what constitutes good design in a time of an accelerating climate crisis and rising inequality.
28 Mar 2022

Space10 works with designing new solutions to create a better everyday life. Over the years, it has popped up in cities including New York, London, Shanghai, Nairobi, and most recently Delhi. Last weekend, the company kicked off 14 days of design talks, workshops, and exhibitions in a special pop-up in Mexico City. Held in the exhibition space LOOT, it explores the theme Beyond Human-Centered Design to rethink design that embraces both people and the planet.

For the event, Space10 has teamed up with Mexico City-based architecture and design curator Mario Ballesteros. The program features over 45 speakers as well as daily panels and keynotes, exhibitions, multiple workshops, and a live radio show. Local as well as international thought leaders, technologists, universities, and creatives, such as What Design Can Do, Iberoamericana University, Oficina de Resiliencia Urbana, Fernando Laposse, Seetal Solanki, and Edwina Portocarrero are invited, exploring how design and technology can be a powerful force. SPACE10’s collective Copenhagen office will be in Mexico City to partake in the daily panels as well as special projects, like a two-day design and technology hackathon and a residency in Mexico City exploring the use of local biomaterials.

— For decades now, designers have been taught to put the individual needs at the centre of their work, but design that is good only for a group of individuals, without considering the well-being of our planet and society as a whole, has gotten us into trouble. We are in the middle of an accelerating climate crisis, while longstanding injustices are still unsolved. Through the lens of design, we believe it’s possible to address complex challenges, and by bringing people together, explore new and better ways forward, says Simon Caspersen, co-founder, Space10.