S-beauty Special
Cool Derma’s essence is founder Shidrokh Ghawami’s respond to the industry’s profit hunt
Packed with ingredients promoting skin health in one, multi-functional product.
25 Nov 2021

After the huge K-beauty trend and its 10-step-routines, there’s a growing global buzz for Scandinavian S-beauty and its innovative products with sustainability at its very core. In the latest issue of our printed magazine, we highlight 13 innovative beauty launches. This is #10.

Ghawami has been in the beauty industry for more than 20 years. 

— Four years ago, when I pitched my idea of multifunctional products to different companies and factories, they all laughed at me, she tells. They told me that I should produce the same things that already worked, that the formulations I wanted are too costly to manufacture in Sweden.

Thankfully, she refused to take no for an answer and Cool Derma now offers a range of the mentioned multifunctional products, including Brightening Hydroactive Multivitamin Essence.

— When creating it, the most important thing for me was to not only make it multifunctional, but also create a real difference in skin health and skin quality. Today, we see many brands creating different products that all do the same job, so the customer has to buy 3-4 bottles and then combine it at home before using. This is purely for the beauty industry’s own profits and has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the results. We hear a lot of insightful voices in our society demanding a more sustainable lifestyle and fewer steps in our daily skincare routine is one important step forward, Ghawami states. She continues:

— When we now hear every brand use the word ”innovation” that unfortunately not necessarily means that the product will be an innovation just because they’re introducing a new ingredient on the market. Presenting a new ingredient means that you have to do many years of studies on human skin to be sure that you can promise the best results. It means producing and using a lot of air, soil, and resources to justify your unique point of sale. 

— But what if the innovation is in the new formulation and not in just one ingredient? In this essence I did exactly that, combining different precious ingredients backed by scientific information to ensure the stable, highly effective, and multifunctional formulation. It combines a toner and a serum in one product and one step and can be used as often as you wish. It can also be used instead of aftershave to soothe and repair the skin, or as a primer which helps the make up to stay flawlessly throughout the day. This is a high-potency antioxidant cocktail which promotes deep cellular hydration and protection against our harsh environment. I have included green tea, grape seed, amino acid complex, Niacinamide, and stable vitamin c to ensure the high impact on skin resilience and health. And, the most important part is our customers’ great feedback on the texture and how divine it feels on the skin. It is not sticky nor shiny and your skin can breathe instead of getting clogged, Ghawami concludes.

Brightening Hydroactive Multivitamin Essence by Cool Derma in our latest issue
Set design: Niklas Hansen
Photography: Anders Kylberg

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