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Chimi just transformed cellulose acetate from its eyewear production into marbled design piece
Teaming up with material provider Mazzuchelli for a unique and upcycled designer piece.
13 Apr 2023

Chimi just entered the fashion industry — after six years of making covetable, yet accessible eyewear — with a line of handmade limited-edition garments. Now, the first design piece, named The Stool, is fully upcycled from Mazzuchelli cellulose acetate and comes with a smooth, semi-transparent surface with a marbled effect in dark tones with shades of red or green. The piece is the first launch for the new concept Spare Object, described as a think-tank with industry specialists.

— It’s designed together with Our Ambition in Laxå and their designer and project leader Karl Anton Kreu, with inspiration from my grandfather, Göte. The curvature on the stool is a signature design that he used as an interior architect and furniture designer. One of my earliest memories of him was when he was standing in his studio one morning, crafting a wooden stool. To sign off his design, he added this concave seat detail for a more comfortable feel. The curvature also has the exact same shape as a sunglasses lens before it’s cut, says co-founder and creative director Charlie Lindström, continuing,

— The ambition and idea behind Spare Object are to create something new by using our existing material only from our previous collections and the stool is designed of previous eyewear pieces and acetate from our own productions. I loved the process of mixing fashion with interior design and the plan is to team up with different inspiring creatives within different fields we are inspired by.

You also just had a special opening in Paris. Tell us more.

— During Fashion Week, we celebrated our first store opening outside of Sweden, in Marais. It was a fun and successful evening!