Keeping an eye on trends — CHIMI’s first fashion drop follows the rise of genderfree clothing
Devoted to combining form and function, Swedish eyewear brand CHIMI has released their first clothing collection. The inaugural drop also follows the contemporary fashion angle of gender-free clothing.
18 Jan 2023

True to its Swedish heritage and the country’s old saying “there is no bad weather, only bad clothes”, CHIMI’s pieces are designed in water and wind-resistant materials meant to inspire an active lifestyle.

The sporty 20-piece line intended for all genders includes figure-hugging dresses and tank tops, simple short sleeves and a jersey balaclava in three individual colours. Each item is tech-tailored with Italian recycled nylon, meant to redirect the landfill waste and lower natural resources consumption that comes with virgin nylon. 

The idea with the drop is to follow CHIMI’s original spirit already established in their eyewear; keeping it simple with clean cuts and a ready-to-wear approach. 

— We don’t see ourselves as a conventional fashion brand. Rather, we intend to open up new points of reference, so that we can exist as a platform for our wearers to experience and thrive in the rhythm and rituals of a multifaceted 21st-century life, says Creative Director Charlie Lindström.

Speaking of being unconventional, the clothing line is as mentioned gender fluid with several long skirts displayed on male models. It’s safe to say that CHIMI isn’t the first fashion brand to convey to unisex.

According to The state of fashion 2023 report by The Business of Fashion the representation of unisex is shifting from high-fashion runways to high-street everyday clothing. The report states that there has been an increase in online searches for ’genderless’ and ’gender neutral’ year by year. The interest is driven by Gen-Z consumers and around half of the generation has been shopping outside of their gender identity according to fintech company Klarna, with the highest numbers in Scandinavian countries according to the report. This is believed to stem from younger generations’ common understanding and acceptance of gender fluidity and sexual orientation.

— Gender neutrality is not a trend, it’s a reality. My whole philosophy is that you cannot tell people what to wear. You’re not allowed to say: I want this to be bought by a woman or by a man, Jonathan Anderson, creative director of Loewe and founder of label JW Anderson, told The Business of Fashion in 2021.