Stockholm Fw
Cheap Monday founders’ new brand is based on luxury deadstock fabrics
AVAVAV’s new monthly limited capsule collection will be on display for everyone as Stockholm Fashion Week returns this week, in a digital format.
25 Aug 2020

The Swedish-Italian brand was founded three years ago by fashion veterans Adam and Linda Friberg. With a long retail background, which includes founding Cheap Monday, Monki, and Weekday, they wanted to bring something new and fresh to the market.

— So, we only use left-over fabrics, such as deadstock and fabrics that has been over-produced by the luxury industry, from and around Florence, Italy (where Adam and Linda currently reside, Ed’s note), tells Emma Fällman, Head of Communication.

How does the design process work?

— We start with what fabrics we can find, which is then turned into a limited capsule collection released every month. We only produce what we know will sell so that we don’t build up stock.

We use to joke about saying that the entire brand, with stock, people, and interiors, can be fitted in a small truck.

This week, Stockholm Fashion Week returns in a digital version after a few seasons of absence, with a brand list including the likes of House of Dagmar, Rodebjer, Stand Studio, CMMN SWDN, Arket, and LAZOSCHMIDL. AVAVAV is also debuting, premiering a brand film followed by a Q&A.

— We thought it was about time we entered the fashion week stage, showing our current collection — see now buy now, says Fällman.

What do you think about the post-pandemic future for fashion weeks? Will they become (even) more digital, or will things go back to normal?

— I don’t think anything will go back to normal. However, I am a fan of the human meeting and what happens when we come together, so I hope that it won’t continue being strictly digital. But I also believe that it needs to be more see now buy now. As a fashion consumer, I hate seeing things I would like to wear now, knowing it will be released next year. And, I don’t think it’s just me having this feeling… •