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Astrid’s Anna Boustedt explains why you should add more textiles to your home office interior
Do’s and don’ts from the founder of one of Scandinavia’s leading textile companies.
7 Jan 2022

Boustedt is convinced that textiles have the ability to completely change the atmosphere of a space.

— They add softness, colour, and structure combined with solving technical problems like shading the light and acoustic and privacy issues, she tells.

Her intention when she founded Astrid in 2004, she tells, was to work with plain coloured fabrics on double width.

— My vision since the start on how textures and colours can be combined and added to a variety of interiors remains our key influence on our approach today.

When using textiles, what’s the biggest mistake to make and most important to think about?

— To be aware of the circumstances for the specific project, choose the right textile for the space, and think of, and be creative with, all the mentioned good properties the textile can add to a room. One mistake is to try to save by using as little fabric as possible, making the curtains too short — they should hang just above or touch the floor.

Astrid now uses its leftover textiles to create hand-woven rugs together with Vandra Rugs. And after Fogia acquired half the business, they’ve started a collaboration with the fellow Swedish design company, using two of their upholstery fabrics on a round pouf in different heights and sizes.

Anna Boustedt’s 5 ways to use textiles in general and curtains in particular when decorating your home, home office, or office

— Mix structures and use different kinds of textiles in the same colour in a decorative curtain wall, which will add a dynamic and warm atmosphere.
— Create a ”room within the room” of curtains or divide the room by placing rails in the ceiling.
— Use two rails and combine a sheer and a dense curtain in the same colour tone. This will create depth and add layers to your room or office.
— Hide a TV, shelf, or wardrobe with drapes, which is also adding softness. 
— Design your bedroom by choosing textiles for headboards, bed skirts, bedspreads, and cushions in your own choice of textiles — match tone in tone or create interesting colour combinations.