Innovations For Better Living
Sleek face mask permanently protects the outside skin fabric from bacteria
”The user can feel confident that the mask after a day of use will remain fresh and clean of noted viruses,” says Nick Brosnan, global marketing coordinator, Polygiene.
7 Oct 2021

Founded in 2015 to combat climate change’s impact on human health, fast-growing face mask company Airinum has introduced The Lite Air Mask to the market. Not only is it sleek and filters out both pollution and particles — down to the size of 0.3μm — but it is also treated with Polygiene. The Swedish fabric treatment is a world-leading provider of odour control technology that permanently protects the outside skin fabric from bacteria and other germs. 

— The benefit of having a treatment like this with a face mask is two-fold: The user can feel confident that the mask after a day of use will remain fresh and clean of noted viruses. After wearing the mask, it can then be stored or air dried, and this wearability can continue again, and again, and so on. Additionally, after understanding that you can wear this mask many times over, the user is also doing something on an environmental level and keeping single-use masks out of the landfills. That, as many of us are aware by seeing all the PPE that is seen littered on our streets and beaches, is a real issue facing us today, says Nick Brosnan, global marketing coordinator, Polygiene. 

How does the mask contribute to better living? 

— Filtering out dangerous particles in the air you breathe will provide your lungs with clean and healthy air no matter your surroundings. Breathing clean air has many health benefits and will give you a better quality of life, says Maria Ahnlund, PR Manager, Airinum.

This is #24 on our list with 25 Innovations for better living from Scandinavian MIND Issue 2

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