Agapi partners with X Shore and Candela to accelerate the shift to sustainable boating
Founder and CEO Peder Asplund’s goal: to bring boating into a new paradigm.
1 Feb 2022

The Swedish premium membership club is focused on elevating boating. 

— We want to bring boating into a new paradigm — and much more sustainable. Our concept is building on the same user behaviours as if you owned the boat so there are no restrictions, only upsides, but through sharing. We offer premium boats and water toys everywhere — free roaming across our regions — during any season, he tells.

According to Asplund, the new partnership with X Shore and Candela, where the two will join Agapi’s fleet, is more important than it may seem.

— Together, we will be able to accelerate the transition towards sustainable boating as we are giving our growing member base a constant choice of choosing the most sustainable boat for their purpose, boats that most people wouldn’t get access to otherwise due to price tag and availability.

Both X Shore and Candela are industry leaders in electric boating and also offer the latest in technology. X Shore thanks to a game-changing generation of fully-electric, connected boats, and Candela as the creators of hydrofoiling electric boats

— Also, we have now done what the European telecom operators did in 2017, opening up for free global roaming from the beginning of this year. This means that our members now can book a boat in 35 different harbours in five countries, with more to come later this year. Our first X Shore is already in place in Palma de Mallorca for our members, Asplund tells, adding,

— We are convinced boating is a business that will fundamentally change during the coming 10 years. It has to if you think about the climate situation we are facing. We will drive this change in such a way that the market wants.

Gustav Hasselskog, CEO, Candela. Photography: Fredrik Skogkvist