This adventurer’s new guide includes all her hidden gems in Swedish nature
”If you’re interested in nature and adventure, Sweden is the perfect place no matter what level you’re on,” says Linda Åkerberg.
16 Aug 2021

The multi-talented Åkerberg has more than one string to her bow, working as an adventurer and content creator, photographer, author and writer, public speaker, and tour leader, among many other things.  Right now, she studies to become a mountain leader and help more people out in nature. This summer, she’s teamed up with the Scotch whisky distillery Talisker on a guide to 12 different places in Sweden.

— They’re all with easy access, she says, and interesting nature with many possibilities for adventures. It also includes a guide to car camping, what to think about, how to find good places along the road, and so forth, she tells, continuing,

— The nature in Sweden is so varied and I wanted to show this variety, so the selected places are located all over the country. Some of them, such as Friluftsbyn located at The High Coast, are places that I visit at least once a year and some are new favorites, like the northern part of Vättern’s archipelago. Both of these are for example amazing for kayaking but located more than 500 km apart which, of course, makes nature differ a lot.

The guide also includes a text about ”nature ethics”. 

— You should always leave a place as you find it, ”take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints”. In Sweden, we have the right to public access which gives us the right to visit and camp a night or two in nature. But it also says that we need to be careful and not disturb or destroy the nature that we’re visiting. That’s very important to remember if we want to keep it this way. It’s also important to know that the right to public access is not applicable to vehicles and in the guide, you can read more about what you need to think about when car camping.

You spend a lot of time in nature, while others may not. What do you want to say to convince even more people to enjoy Scandinavian nature?

— If you’re interested in nature and adventure, Sweden is the perfect place no matter what level you’re on. There are easy trails with a lot of accommodations in the low lands if you want your adventure to be more relaxed — or you can visit the mountains and not meet a person for days if you want to make it a bigger challenge. You can climb via ferratas (a protected climbing route, Ed’s note) with no previous experience or go alpine climbing. Enjoy the beauty of a calm lake in the forest by kayak or cross between islands in the archipelago with an open horizon.

The guide is only available in Swedish, but easy to translate, and available here