3 brands proving that the outdoor industry is a circular pioneer to follow
Looking at waste as a resource is no news for these industry players.
19 Sep 2023

Utilizing surplus fabrics, Peak Performance has crafted a series of 184 jackets showcasing colour-block designs in four unique combinations, for men’s and women’s, called Helium Utility FLO.

— The project presented us with a unique challenge. We aimed to maximize the use of available resources and create something truly special, which indeed surpassed our expectations, says Magdalena Gelander, Product Developer.

Each piece adheres to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) and is stuffed with 90% goose down and 10% feather. Practical functionalities like adjustable hems, a two-way adjustable hood, and zippered pockets are incorporated without sacrificing environmental integrity, thanks to the use of PFC-free durable water-repellent treatment.

Peak Performance.

The North Face works actively on designing recyclable products and this fall, the brand continues to explore circular design principles woven throughout. Circaloft is a new model made from 100% recycled materials which is created to be packable and both lightweight and provides the warmth that can be expected for this type of outerwear. An ’impressive warmth-to-weight ratio’, as the brand puts it.

The packability ensures that it can be taken on any adventure — either before reaching the summit of the hike or on the autumn days when the weather starts out cold before the sun warms the trails. It stows into its own pocket, too. The recycled polyester comes with a protective water-repellent finish and the jacket is a slim-fit insulated layer. The raglan sleeves offer good comfort and the quilting pattern holds the sheet insulation in place. This jacket is part of The North Face’s Circular Design initiative, designed to minimise waste and pollution.

The North Face.

This season, Swedish brand Lundhags — best known for its hiking boots — presents a line of jackets made of 100 per cent recycled down, which features three models with different characteristics, fits, and functions.

— We have tested, evaluated, and refined our down jackets for two years with our ambassadors, in different environments to ensure they have the right properties. The jackets should take up little space in the package, have good thermal properties, and a good fit, says Sara Wiksten, product development manager.

Producing jackets with recycled down is part of the brand’s circular strategy, which also includes making durable products that are easy to repair. Lundhags also offers a repair service in its retail stores. According to Wiksten, succeeding with this line is an important milestone in the sustainability work. 

— The global textile industry has long struggled with sustainability issues, not least when it comes to the production of down garments, she says.


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