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X-ray goggles, Gen Z hand-gestures and space hotels
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12 Mar 2021

1. Yup, now your phone screen is changing your hand gesturesWired UK

2. ‘Wearable microgrid’ uses the human body to sustainably power small gadgets — Tech Xplore

3. First space hotel set to open in 2027 — Dezeen

4. Here’s What Your Post-Pandemic Gym Visit Looks Like — ISPO

5. Why content curation rules social — Vouge Business

6. How to market a sustainable brand and cut through the noise — Creativepool

7. Nuclear technology’s role in the world’s energy supply is shrinking — Nature

8. The Army’s New Goggles Let Soldiers See Right Through Walls — Popular Mechanics

9. How crypto art and NFTs are changing artists’ careers — i-D