”Wearables now allow the user insight into their wellbeing on a holistic level”
We speak to Liisa Puranen, Managing Director at Polar Nordics, about the rapid development of smart sport watches.
29 Sep 2020

The Finnish family-owned company has been innovating sports technology and helping all levels of athletes and coaches to achieve peak performance and stay healthy for over 40 years. Their roots are deep in research and science, where the founder, Seppo Säynäjäkangas, was a professor at University of Oulu. In 1977, he developed and patented the world’s first wireless heart rate monitor, and the company has since expanded into multiple training solutions for elite athletes, coaches, and active fitness enthusiasts. The — award-winning — product range includes pioneering sports wearables, training apps, and cloud services.

— I’d say we remain a trusted performance partner due to our accuracy, reliability, and superior experience, says Puranen. Our team of scientists ranges from physiologists to nutritionists to doctors of molecular physics. We’re also the top choice for research collaborations within the fields of sports medicine and physiology. The products are used in hundreds of independent studies every year, so when you buy one, you can be confident that the data you get is accurate.

Earlier this summer saw the launch of the most recent watch, Unite.

— The great thing about it is that it offers such great value for money, says Puranen. It includes all our best features that help the user sleep, recover, and train better and smarter at a really accessible price point. For instance, Unite gives you feedback on your sleep duration and quality as well as the recovery of our autonomic nervous system every night. Based on this info, it also gives you personalized guidance on what type of workout suits your recovery level that day. It takes the guesswork out of training and motivates the user to make healthier choices.

What can be measured by a sports watch, she tells, has evolved a lot in the past years. 

— It’s no longer about how fast you run and what your maximum heart rate is during sprints. Wearables now allow the user insight into their wellbeing on a holistic level with complex data processed into easy to understand feedback and actionable guidance. Our goal is to help our users to reach their goals, whether that goal is to run a 3-hour marathon or to learn how to sleep and recover better.