”We offer pragmatic solutions for long term efficiency, not a temporary fix”
On preaching longevity over short-term
1 Dec 2020

Amplified in the covid context, we see a rise of meaningful products with a real function. That’s why Stanislas Le Bert, Deputy General Manager of Sales & Marketing at L:a Bruket, believe the brand is in a good position.

— Our founders, Mats Johansson and Monica Kylén, have been nourishing the brand with a few fundamental values: simplicity, humility, inclusivity, and naturality, he explains. Interpreting the Swedish spa culture within a modern twist, capitalizing on nature, and working with and not against it. Simple and non-gender beauty routines. Extended beauty, not only for your body, but also your face, your hair, your hands as well as your home, for a full sensorial journey. We offer pragmatic solutions for long term efficiency, not a temporary fix.

All products are manufactured in Sweden, including the new sheet masks, launching this fall.

— There are a lot of sheet masks available on the market. And a lot include microplastics particles. Bio-cellulose sheet masks are biodegradable because they are made from the fermentation of coconut juice. After using it on your face, you can throw it into your compost. The serum — soaked in the sheet — is also all natural.

 How do you work to transform the beauty industry? 

— We humbly work on our small scale to bring disruptive solutions to the industry. We distinguish formulation to packaging. For the first one, we are currently getting all our catalogue fully Cosmos certified. This phase is more to clarify our offer than to change it, since nearly none of our references requires reformulation. Which means products created years ago were already Cosmos compliant but were missing the Cosmos logo on it. From now on, all our new launches will systematically be Cosmos certified, giving more clarity to consumers looking for a green beauty label. For our ingredient sourcing, we increasingly focus in sourcing natural Swedish-inspired ingredients, such as birch or nettle used in our latest hair category. This will drive our innovation forward. We put on energy in creating natural and green formula, to ensure a natural and safe ecosystem to our skin, and avoid any water pollution. 

— Then the packaging, for which we are currently looking for new solutions, additionally to the refills we already suggest to candle and soap lines. Scandinavia shows interesting innovative solutions we are keen to explore. But sustainability must be a corporate spirit, from packing in our own warehouse to individual employee motivation to minimize their impact in their daily lives.