Volta Trucks reveals new fully electric truck, designed to navigate hectic city streets
The latest addition of electrical Scandinavian mobility.
4 Sep 2020

Swedish startup Volta Trucks has finally unveiled its first vehicle. The ”Volta Zero” is a 16-tonne fully electric truck designed specifically for inner city parcel and freight deliveries. In order to maneuver busy and narrow city streets, the vehicle is sized like a large motor home; larger than a van but still smaller than a classic full-sized truck. The truck has a range of 150 to 200 kilometers which according to the Volta Trucks is ”more than sufficient for the daily use of a ‘last-mile’ delivery vehicle”.

Co-founder Kjell Walöen is a former Volvo executive, so it comes as no surprise that Volta Zero prioritizes road safety. It was designed without an internal combustion engine, which puts the driver in a central driving position with a much lower seat height than a conventional truck. The glass house-style cockpit also gives the driver 220-degree visibility, which helps the driver to spot surrounding bikers and pedestrians.

European delivery service DPD has already climbed aboard the project and will launch a pilot test using the new truck in London for the first quarter of 2021. Mass production of the Volta Zero is anticipated to take place in the UK in 2022, and the company aims to have built around 500 customer-specifications vehicles at the end of that year.

— From the outset of the development of the Volta Zero, we understood the positive benefits that vehicle electrification would bring to society, and specifically the inhabitants of city centers where air quality is frequently at its worst. For Volta Trucks, electrification is the means to the end. The end of the internal combustion engine. The end of CO 2 being emitted into our atmosphere and the end of harmful pollutants affecting the health of today’s, and the future, generations, says founder Carl-Magnus Norden in a statement.