Varier unveils kneeling chair designed to let you move when you sit
Play meets ergonomics in this fall’s new launch Variable Plus.
14 Nov 2021

In 1979, the Norwegian furniture company Varier introduced Variable, developed by Peter Opsvik — one of the most avant-garde and innovative Scandinavian designers and an ambassador of the revolutionary concept balans. Believing that being in balance creates a healthier, more sustainable life, the chairs have ever since challenged the notion that sitting equates to stillness. Instead, they listen to the body, embody activity and innovation, and encourage you to move while you sit.

That is also the case with the new Variable Plus kneeling chair, aiming to continue to push the boundaries of conventional sitting. Curated in collaboration with Snøhetta, it features a fixed backrest with an upholstered cushion, enabling the chair to lift the body into an upright position to naturally relieve unwanted tension in the neck and shoulders to improve circulation. The crafted curvature of the chair follows the movement of the body, letting you stretch, lean, twist, and sway. Lightweight and versatile, it’s just as well suited in the dedicated home office as well as the dining room, adding beauty to ergonomics.

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