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Transparent rides on Gen Z’s nostalgia wave with the launch of new record player
Crafted in solid aluminium, the new see-through Turntable also features technical innovations.
2 Nov 2023

Aiming to become the first circular tech brand, Transparent has become recognised for its, very, minimalistic — and forever upgradable — range of modular speakers. Now, when expanding into a new category, it’s all about tapping into the younger generation’s cry over nostalgia. The first record player, Transparent Turntable, aims to bridge the gap between analogue music and modern audio technology. 

— This is a harmonious addition to our existing lineup of speakers. It is designed to seamlessly integrate with our speakers providing a complete audio ecosystem that immerses you in music, says Per Brickstad, Creative Director.

The mentioned modular design ethos seamlessly extends to the Turntable, which allows for easy disassembly and component replacement. All parts can be taken apart by screws, for future upgrades or repairs. This is not only about promoting longevity but also aligns with a mission to reduce electronic waste. The Turntable also comes with new technical innovations reducing ground loop noise and the included cartridge is a Ortofon OM 5e MM, which is regarded for well-balanced sound. All details are custom made and all ”off the shelf” plastic details surrounding a tonearm have been removed.

— Where we are used to finding a huge plastic beast of a lid, we find a tempered glass dust cover with dampened hinges that allows it to float in mid-air wherever you release it. For the first time there is now a dust cover that you will actually want to use, Brickstad concludes.