Transformation Conference Stockholm on Thursday — full schedule and speaker list
Exploring technological breakthroughs in fashion. Transformation Conference is a twin event taking place in Stockholm and Helsinki during 2023. We empower innovation through knowledge-sharing and network opportunities between tech ­companies, fashion brands, and investors.
19 Jul 2023

Date: 31 August 2023
Time: 09.00–13.00
Location: Snickeriet, Augustendalstorget 6, 131 52 Nacka strand

Conference entry is free of charge. Limited seats.

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Opening words
By our moderator Konrad Olsson, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Scandinavian MIND

Introduction of Nordic Fabric Fair
Speaker: Helena Waker, CEO, Stockholm Fashion District

Keynote: A look at the EU textile strategy

A fresh update on the latest developments of the new EU directives and what they mean for fashion brands.  

Speaker: Mauro Scalia, Director Sustainable Businesses at European Apparel and Textile Federation. 

Panel: The need for collaboration in fashion transformation

There are a lot of challenges facing the fashion industry, from recycling to transparency to communication. This panel discusses the challenges from a macro perspective and how to solve them. 


Marika Ollaranta, Head of Decarbonizing Industries, Business Finland
Mauro Scalia, Director Sustainable Businesses at EURATEX – Euopean Apparel and Textile Federation
Fredrik Timour, CEO, Fashion Innovation Center

Keynote: Digital Product Passport — enabling the circular economy 

Following new regulations from the European Union, Digital Product Passports (DPP) are set to become a crucial tool to enable and track circularity in the fashion industry. In this keynote, we will get an overview of the challenges and opportunities when implementing DPPs in the fashion industry.  

Speaker: David Almroth, Head of Expansion, GS1 Sweden

Panel: Textile recycling at scale

Today, we only recycle about 1% of all textiles, but by 2025 textile recycling will be mandatory for all EU countries. In this panel we hear from some of the innovation companies leading the way for large-scale textile recycling in the Nordics. 


Angeline Elfström, Business Development Manager, Oncemore
Outi Luukko, CEO, Rester
Olli Kähkönen, founder, Nordic Bioproducts Group

Intermission: Coffee and refreshments.

A chance to network and interact.

Keynote: What are investors looking for?

In order to implement new technologies and practices in the fashion eco-system, capital is needed. We hear from leading investors about what they are looking for when investing in in the fashion and lifestyle space. 


Erik Karlsson, H&M
Jessica Rameau, Partner, Wellstreet

Panel: How to implement sustainability – fashion brands testify

Sandra Roos, Vice President Sustainability, Kappahl
Jessica Cederberg Wodmar, EVP Global Sustainability & CSR, GANT

Keynote: Navigating the Impact of Gen-Z sustainable consumers  

An important challenge for anyone who wants to drive consumption in a more sustainable direction is how to spread their ideas and initiatives while still being relevant and attractive to the consumer. A snapshot from The NXT Sustainable Consumer Report 2023. 

Speaker: Fredrik Ekström, Founder, Above The Clouds

Closing words: Thanks for participating in Transformation Conference

Speaker: Konrad Olsson, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Scandinavian MIND

Lunch: Networking lunch for speakers and media.

Round table Discussions

Round table discussions for VIP guests. 


Mauro Scalia

Director Sustainable Businesses at European Apparel and Textile Federation. 

Mauro Scalia is Director of Sustainable Businesses in EURATEX, the European Confederation of Textile and Apparel industry in Brussels. He is responsible for sustainability in textiles, particularly chemicals, circular economy, climate change, due diligence, ReHubs, and others. He coordinates with the EURATEX membership to engage with the EU and stakeholders over relevant legislation and policies. Scalia graduated cum laude in Political Sciences at the University of Catania, Italy. He joined EURATEX in 2004 after working in business consulting, research and in the European Commission.

Helena Waker

CEO, Trade Partners Sweden & Stockholm Fashion District

Waker is the CEO of Trade Partners Sweden and one of the founders of Stockholm Fashion District. Her professional experience consists of working with both national and international trade, particularly within the fashion and textile industry. Along with being on the board of the ICC Sweden, Helena holds several other prestigious positions in projects concerning fashion and international trade.

Jessica Cederberg Wodmar

Executive Vice President Global Sustainability & CSR, Gant.

Jessica Cederberg Wodmar joined GANT in 2015 and is currently the Executive Vice President Global Sustainability & CSR. Jessica leads the Sustainability department and is responsible for GANT’s sustainability strategy and execution, ensuring the brand meets the sustainability targets throughout the organization and operations. With over 30 years of knowledge and experience within the field from the state, municipal, private and voluntary sectors, nationally and internationally, Jessica is an award-winning and experienced public speaker, having given more than 600 lectures. She’s also the author of three books exploring sustainability from different angles and hosted a podcast series where she interviewed different business profiles about their views on business-critical sustainability

Angeline Elfström

Business Development Manager OnceMore®, Södra

Angeline Elfström is responsible for growing this pioneering new material into a commercially-viable solution for a more circular fashion industry. She is a passionate believer in pushing the textile industry towards a more circular business model and thinks that collaboration throughout the textile value-chain is a must to drive change.

Marika Ollaranta

Head of Decarbonizing Industries, Business Finland

Marika Ollaranta works as Head of Decarbonization of Industry sectors at Business Finland. Business Finland offers innovation funding and internationalization services for Finnish companies. The focus of Marika’s activities is to accelerate Finnish green transition solutions for the textile industry to cooperate with international brands and textile manufacturing companies. Marika has previously worked in international positions, e.g. in marketing, strategy and business development.

Erik Karlsson

VC/Impact Investor at H&M @CO:LAB

Erik works as Investment Manager responsible for Sustainable Fashion at H&M Group’s investment arm CO:LAB. Erik has led investments in e.g. Ambercycle, Colorifix, re:newcell and Infinited Fiber Company. Currently, serving on the board of several companies in the portfolio. Prior to this role, Erik held various positions in H&M Group’s Sustainability Department. Before joining H&M Group, Erik worked as a sustainability consultant in the oil & gas and shipping industries. Erik holds an M Sc in Environmental Engineering.

Sandra Roos 

Head of Sustainability, Kappahl

Sandra Roos has a PhD from Chalmers University of Technology, for which her thesis was based in part on first-hand experience from visits to supplier points in several production countries in Asia. Roos has previously collaborated with KappAhl through The Chemicals Group at RISE and Mistra Future Fashion, which has had a major impact on the textile industry.

Outi Luukko

CEO, Rester

Outi Luukko currently works as the founder and the CEO of Rester Ltd., and as a board member and co-founder at Touchpoint Ltd. Rester Ltd. is a Finnish company offering b-to-b circular solutions and a possibility to recycle waste textiles to new textile fibres and high-quality raw material. TouchPoint Ltd is a Finnish company providing sustainable workwear solutions. Outi’s previous career as an entrepreneur and CEO in the advertising and design industry for 15 years. Outi is an entrepreneur by heart, dedicated to purpose-based business and has expertise in strategic planning and business development. She has been a keynote speaker of circular textiles in many domestic and international forums.

Jessica Rameau

Partner, Wellstreet

Jessica Rameau is a seasoned investment manager with a professional history encompassing advisory, portfolio management, and entrepreneurship. After joining Wellstreet as Chief Investment Officer in 2019, Jessica quickly proved essential and became a partner and the firm’s first fund manager in 2020. Currently, Jessica runs the Wellstreet Ventures Fund I as well as the Wellstreet Launchpad program in collaboration with Google for Startups. Prior to Wellstreet, Jessica was the founder of Five Years Time, an educational platform for entrepreneurs, and an advisor to the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) on innovation.

Olli Kähkönen

Founder, Nordic Bioproducts Group

Olli Kähkönen (M.Sc Econ), is the co-founder, CEO, and Chief Innovation Officer of Nordic Bioproducts Group (NBG), an Aalto University branch working in a field of bio- and circular economy. One of the innovations NBG has made is a novel scalable methodology to produce textile fibres from lignocellulosic materials without using toxic, harmful or complex chemicals.

David Almroth

Head of Expansion, GS1 Sweden

David Almroth has extensive experience in supporting companies in improving their supply chains and efficiency in business relationships. Among David’s focus areas are; digital supply chains and traceability, understanding of how business requirements can be transformed into implementable standard, and product passports based on open global standards.

Fredrik Timour

Founder at Fashion Innovation Center

Fredrik Timour has a broad, deep and holistic perspective to digital fashion.  He now works for the Swedish Fashion Council setting up a new innovation center for sustainable fashion.  He is also the founder of Neue, a platform for digital fashion development including both hardware, software and cloud services, for fashion brands and end-user applications.  He has been running courses in fashion tech at Fashion Institute of Technology – NYC, London College of Fashion – London, IFA – Paris, Beckmans – Stockholm. Furthermore, he has been working directly with clients like Fusalp, POC, IKEA, BACK, Snickers Workwear, SAS, IBM developing new business models and concepts for digital fashion.

Fredrik Ekström

Senior Business Advisor, Above the Clouds

Fredrik is a future-focused brand consultant and senior business advisor, specialising in sustainable lifestyle brands. He has over 17 years of work experience working with brand activations, insights and development. His company Above The Clouds works with projects ranging from Samsung mobile experience, eco-crypto strategies, sustainable gaming, sustainable fashion retailers and outdoor brands. 

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