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Tommy Hilfiger takes help from UGC designers in new Roblox collection
Roblox players will soon run out of space in their virtual wardrobe, considering the number of established fashion brands that are trying to squeeze through.
23 Dec 2021

Earlier this month American brand Ralph Lauren launched their Winter Escape experience on Roblox, injecting some 90s Aspen vibes to the gaming platform in time for Christmas. Yesterday, another established American prep brand decided it was time to hit the Roblox platform.

Tommy Hilfiger, also well established in streetwear and jeans, has hit up eight Roblox UGC (user-generated content) designers to create thirty items that players can style their avatars in. A UGC designer usually gains hype by selling hats, shirts, or pants which are crafted in 3D programs like Maya, 3DS Max, or Blender.

Tommy Hilfiger appointed UGC designers PolarcubArt, RynityRift, Zealocity, MiracleDropsRBX, Blizzei_ infused, Missmudmaam_mmm, RightIes, and Shift4D to create bucket hats, skateboards, jeans, cross body bags, and more. Refreshingly enough the Roblox designers have also been part of conceptualizing the actual campaign, from the editorialized stills to set designs. It’s a nice touch to actually include Roblox users in the collaboration to fully immerse the two cultures.

— We couldn’t pass the chance of partnering with some of these fans to take this self-expression one step further, empowering them to bring their creative twist to official brand styles, says Tommy Hilfiger, owner of the self-titled brand.

Tommy Hilfiger is no stranger to virtual fashion and metaverse presence, having built the ”Tommy Island” on Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the fall of 2020. Using the Roblox platform to further strengthen its digital image is a no brainer — the platform gives its nearly 50 million daily active users access to millions of experiences, all created by the Roblox community itself.