These wooden charging stations embody the electric mobility experience
Ditching dull gas stations is another great reason to start driving electric.
10 Sep 2020

Danish architecture firm Cobe has unveiled plans to build new ultra-fast charging stations at 46 different locations all over Europe. The wooden tree-like structure that builds up the charging stations is a refreshing take on the gray and dull gas station that we are used to today. Because of their modular concept, the stations can vary in size and dynamism depending on where they are installed. Two vastly different stations have already been built in the Danish towns of Fredericia and Knudshoved for drivers to charge their EVs.

The charging stations will pop up in Scandinavia to start with, and you can’t say it isn’t on track with the region’s progressive mindset. In Norway, 60% of all newly registered cars are either pure EVs or plug-in hybrids. Sweden ranks number three on countries with most electric cars per capita, and Denmark is seeing a reduced overall carbon emission, many thanks to the introduction of electric vehicles.

— Electric vehicles are the way of the future. With our design we offer EV drivers a welcome break and an opportunity to recharge mentally in a green oasis. The energy and the technology are green, so we wanted the architecture, the materials and the concept to reflect that. Hence, we designed a charging station in sustainable materials placed in a clean, calm setting with trees and plants that offer people a dose of mindfulness on the highway, explains architect and founder Dan Stubbergaard.