Bike brand Canyon introduces sophisticated soapbox car
Hit the bike-lane on four wheels.
10 Sep 2020

German bike manufacturer Canyon has decided to venture out of their two-wheeled comfort zone by introducing a pedal-powered four-wheeler. The vehicle hopes to bridge the gap between e-bike and car, and Canyon claims it’s fast and stable enough to drive down the open road, yet light and agile enough to join pedaling commuters in the bike lane.

”While the concept may look more like a car, it still functions largely as a bicycle. To move the vehicle forward, riders need to be pedaling and the steering is located at the rider’s hips, similar to the under-seat steering of some recumbent bicycles” explains the brand.

The pedal-powered EV fits one person and has a detachable rain-proof roof. It could reach a top speed of around 60 km per hour, and one full charge should give the vehicle a range of 150 kilometers. It should be noted that this is still a prototype, and Canyon will probably tweak the design further.