The Made in Europe stamp on this new brush line is more notable than you may think — here’s why
Bringing the manufacturing of the new series was more challenging than expected for IDUN Minerals. Sustainability Manager Anna Agardh explains why it was all worth it.
24 Aug 2023

This fall, Swedish beauty brand IDUN Minerals launches Pro Brush, featuring a range of face brushes crafted in Italy by one of the world’s leading brush manufacturers.

— What sets these brushes apart, Sustainability Manager Anna Agardh explains, is their European origin — a rarity in an industry where the majority of makeup brushes are typically produced in Asia.

This, she continues, was also the most challenging aspect; to locate a manufacturer capable of producing the entire brush within Europe. 

— Along our journey, we discovered that the majority of brushes and tools are manufactured in Asia. Many European manufacturers source their bristles, handles, and ferrules from Asia, only to assemble them in Europe and claim ’made in Europe’. In our case, all the components are manufactured in Italy, with the exception of the bristles, which cannot be sourced within Europe and must be outsourced from Asia.

Pro Brush uses Dermocura, often described as the most advanced synthetic fibre available.

— It undergoes dermatological testing, is entirely vegan, has hypoallergenic qualities, and is crafted to meet the demands of sensitive skin, all without compromising on performance. Also, our Triangle Concealer Brush features a patented triangular shape exclusive to our Italian manufacturer. This patent ensures that only this manufacturer has the authorization to produce this unique brush shape.

What are the consumers looking for now in terms of make-up tools?

— Currently, we’ve observed that a natural finish and lightweight feel are highly sought after, making high-quality brushes indispensable for achieving this look. It’s essential to avoid bristles that may be too harsh, as they can potentially irritate sensitive skin. Our aim is to provide our customers with brushes that are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious while maintaining a high-quality performance that lasts for years. Makeup tools should elevate the product application, ensuring a delightful experience, says Agardh. She adds:

— Multifunctionality is still a significant trend, so we are introducing four highly versatile face brushes that can serve a multitude of purposes.

Except for European production, IDUN also continues its work for more sustainable packaging.

— We’ll unveil new packaging updates throughout the year. Among them, an innovative paper packaging with an integrated mirror — a new solution in the market — will make its debut. Furthermore, our powder foundation jar will undergo an appearance transformation and be manufactured in Europe. After an extensive search for a powder foundation packaging with suitable materials and made in Europe, we opted to invest in a new mould since we were unable to find precisely what we were seeking.

— Not only are additional sustainability regulations emerging, but we also observe an increasing consumer consciousness regarding their consumption choices and a growing demand for transparency from brands. Notably, relocating our production from Asia to Europe has proven advantageous, as the European suppliers have provided us with significantly more information and data.

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