A big chunk of Sweden’s websites are soon sustainably driven
Swedes can now surf the web with less eco-guilt.
14 Sep 2020

Surfing the internet is quite environmentally harmful. Netflix alone says their total global energy consumption reached 451,000-megawatt hours last year, which is enough to power 37,000 homes. Storing data and running servers requires a lot of energy at the expense of our planet’s well being.

But for internet surfing Swedes with eco-anxiety, recent news might be comforting. Sweden’s biggest web hosting service Loopia is moving its servers to sustainable EcoDataCenter. The server move means that a significant amount of Swedish websites will be climate-positive in the near future.

The Falun based data center EcoDataCenter was launched in 2018 and is the world’s first carbon-positive data center, completely built out of wood and run by 100% renewable electricity. All the excessive heat is utilized by The heat generated is utilized by a municipally-owned energy company by heating and drying biofuel in the region.

Loopia is already powering it’s current server halls with 100% green electricity, but the upcoming move will see a carbon-positive footprint.

— Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility, and we are now leading the way to set a new industry standard, says Hannah Johnsson Bittmann, Loopia’s Head of Sweden.