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Swarming interest for insects, nano-engineered oil sponge and the future of retail
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19 Mar 2021

1. Facebook Is Building a Wristband to Control Augmented Reality GlassesBloomberg

2. Angel Investing: What Experienced Investors Wish They Knew When They Started — Forbes

3. Demand for insect protein could hit 500,000 tons by 2030 — Feed Navigator

4. Gen Z driving secondhand fashion sales, according to eBayFashion United

5. Land could be worth more left to nature than when farmed, study finds — The Guardian

6. Sustainability in packaging: Inside the minds of global consumers — McKinsey & Company

7. How to Survive the Future of Retail — Business of Fashion

8. Nano-Engineered Sponge Can Suck up 99% of Oil From Cold Water — Interesting Engineering

9. Finland’s new baby box gets colour and content refresh — Yle

10. NFTs Are Hot. So Is Their Effect on the Earth’s Climate — Wired

11. Is the NFT Hype Made for Luxury? — Content Consumer Insider

12. The Ever-Growing Pile of Electronic Waste is Now On the Decline, Study Finds — Good News Network

13. Danish government announces a €67.2m safety net for major eventsWe Rave You