Startup is set to launch smart glasses full of tech features — but they look just like your everyday pair
Integrating small components into the most traditional and fashionable material for eyewear — acetate plastic.
22 Feb 2024

Founded in 2020 in Malmö, Sweden, Xocchiali aims offering a unique perspective on eyewear through smart solutions.

— We want them to seamlessly complement people’s lifestyles as well as redefining the way you connect with the world without compromising on the design, says Günter Alce, co-founder, who’s also a Associate Senior Lecturer at Lund University. We understand that today’s eyewear users value the design and that their eyewear is an integral part of their self-expression. Therefore, we want to give our customers the best of both worlds, which means creating tomorrow’s eyewear founded on the belief that individuals want to feel stylish, confident, and free bridging the real and digital world on their own terms.  

How do you want to stand out?

— We recognise that individuals don’t just view their glasses as mere vision aids; they see them as a significant aspect of their personal style and self-expression. 

— Our approach is to focus on relevant user cases that truly matter in people’s daily lives. We always ask ourselves, ’will this feature add value to the customer?’ By addressing the practical needs of eyewear users while simultaneously catering to their desire to express their personal style, we stand out in a market that has traditionally focused on one aspect at the expense of the other. This dual focus allows us to offer a unique value proposition that is unmatched by our competitors, making our brand the go-to option for consumers who demand both functionality and style in their eyewear.

Sketch of Xocchiali.

The features are yet to be decided but may include reading text messages and using them as a compass. Can you tell us about the technology behind it?

— The technology is based on the latest BT connectivity standard, and small components such as speakers, microphones, and LEDs but also different sensors to capture what happens with you and your environment. The uniqueness from our side is how we integrate the technology into the most traditional and fashionable material for eyewear — acetate plastic — and how we create use cases that matters for daily use giving a feeling of being informed and in control of the most importance things.  

Are you market-ready?

— We just came home from the international eyewear trade show MIDO in Milan where we received a great response and feedback. Now we are preparing for the next one, Silmo in Paris in September. Our smart eyewear will be launched beginning of 2025, Alce shares. He continues:

— The past years we’ve seen a huge interest in hidden technology, whether it’s smart watches, gadgets at home or smart eyewear. This was also confirmed by most of the visitors at the fair in Milan who liked the idea of seamlessly integrating technology into design without compromising on the aesthetics. From a tech perspective, we see a shift when it comes to user cases, where we are slowly moving from the more the merrier to more selected features as people are tired of technology that is too intrusive on their daily lives and integrity. People, especially Gen Z, are more conscious than ever and it’s our responsibility to create products that address their needs and values.