Start with Purpose, with Samuel Hine, Jordana Guimarães, and Fredrik Ekström
19 Feb 2021

This season, we are partnering with the US trade show PROJECT, in a series of conversions on how the world of fashion is transforming. This episode is an edited version of a live Zoom session, titled “Start with purpose: a more mindful consumer 2021.”

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that consumers, more than ever, are “voting” with their wallets. They are demanding authenticity and aligning themselves with those who share their values. They expect brands to take a stand on important cultural and political issues, and are looking for value beyond the literal cost of goods. But does their behaviour match their sentiment? And are brands looking to go the extra mile, potentially exposing themselves as inauthentic or losing market share as a result?


Samuel Hine, Senior associate editor, GQ & GQ Style
Jordana GuimarãesAuthor, and co-Founder of the platform FASHINNOVATION
Fredrik Ekström, editor at large, Scandinavian MIND
Moderator: Konrad Olsson

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