Spinnova and Renewcell join forces to propel circular fashion
Sustainable textile leaders Spinnova and Renewcell come together in a Finnish-Swedish companionship to speed up recycling infrastructure.
19 Sep 2023

The collaboration is focused on the commercialization and scaling of textile waste-based fibre production, a first-of-its-kind initiative that employs no harmful chemicals in the fibre creation process. The first consumer products from this venture are expected to be unveiled by late 2024.

The partnership marries patented technologies from both companies to advance circular practices within the fashion and textile sectors. Swedish Renewcell specializes in recycling textile waste like cotton and viscose into a sustainable pulp product named Circulose. This product, known to be biodegradable and derived from 100% recycled textiles, traditionally finds its use in the creation of man-made cellulosic fibres.

Finnish Spinnova brings its innovative technology capable of transforming Circulose into a new, environmentally-friendly textile fibre. Preliminary trials have seen the successful production of Spinnova fibre utilizing Circulose for yarn and fabric development, indicating promising avenues for sustainable textile production.

Circulose in its dried pulp form. Photography: Alexander Donka

— This partnership signifies a positive step towards fostering collaboration across the supply chain, aiming to facilitate the industry’s shift to a circular economy, with promising initial tests that incorporate Renewcell’s material with Spinnova’s technology, says Ben Selby, Deputy CEO at Spinnova. Adding to this, Patrik Lundström, CEO at Renewcell, says:

— The transition from a linear to a circular business model is a significant shift in the textile industry, necessitating new alliances and innovative players. The integration of Spinnova’s unique fibre-spinning technology with Circulose is an exciting development, paving the way for the inaugural collection.