Sneakersnstuff use their cultural capital to get people to vote
The Swedish sneaker retailer takes help from a graffiti legend Kunle Martins to get their point across.
18 Sep 2020

Well-established sneaker store Sneakersnstuff has reached quite an international presence since its launch in Stockholm in 1999. With physical stores in Berlin, London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles together with its big online following, SNS has quite the cultural reach.

To make use of that cultural capital, SNS has put a political mural above the New York shop with the help of iconic street artist Kunle Martin, part of the NYC graffiti crew IRAK. The message is clear for the Americans who follow or visit the store: vote.

— The whole point of this is to try and bring a community together. We’re all used to isolation on our phones, and now in our own apartments, we’re missing this huge opportunity to bypass who has what sneaker and what job and stop and say, seriously, we need to show up. Police don’t have proper oversight? Cool, that’s something that voting, especially locally, can help with, Martin explained in a statement.