Science-backed beauty and the microbiome
Episode 21, season 6 of our weekly podcast show on how technology is transforming the creative industries.
21 Dec 2023

We are revisiting our Beauty Innovation Talks in Stockholm a few weeks go, where we hosted a great rooster of speakers form the Nordic beauty scene. 

We hear from:
Lucas Nanini, Head of Europe & Asia, Good Face Project
Johanna Gillbro, Founder, Skinome
Josefin Liljeteg, Chief Innovation Officer, Hardford
Lars Fredriksson, CEO & Founder, Verso
Leo Salvi, Head of Science, KIND TO BIOME

These were wide ranging conversations we we covered a lot of topics, including: 

– The state of science-backed beauty
– The new obligations for brands, retailers, and laboratories
– The health of the skin microbiome and barrier as key purchasing criteria

Konrad Olsson, editor-in-chief
Johan Magnusson, senior editor