Samsung has created a recipe for the ultimate TV-show
Endless TV-shows but nothing to watch? Samsung’s new report maps out what nordic viewers really love.
3 Feb 2021

In an era of endless TV, seven out of ten people find it hard to choose what show to watch. To help create the ultimate TV-show experience Samsung has developed The Best Show Ever — a project that maps out what northerners search for in television entertainment.

Authenticity, intriguing plot and character developement, as well as overall relatability to the storyline are some of the things that nordic viewers most enjoy experiencing when watching TV.  

— With both linear television and streaming services, viewers today have access to endless entertainment. We are truly in the golden age when it comes to TV-shows, today we have more options than ever, says professor Annette Hill that partnered with Samsung on the project. But with never-ending entertainment possibilities, deciding on what to watch is many times hard.

With detailed insights into what viewers value in TV-shows, Samsung has created a trailer for what might be the ultimate TV-show. Mixing a dystopian world with reality show plotlines, the story guides us through familiar environments and events in the main character’s pursuit of love. Showcasing the elements of what nordic viewers love, Samsung is seeking to help improve TV content of the future.

Check out the trailer for what could be the ultimate TV-show here.