Innovations For Better Living
Unique Bio2 textile can make a change in our polluted world
Finnish designer Rolf Ekroth teams up with Fortum aiming to find a new purpose for what is one of the biggest polluting problems in the world.
8 Sep 2021

For his FW21 collection, Ekroth, who’s one of the most prominent names of the next generation of Nordic designers, partners with Finnish energy company Fortum.

— The collection is made of Bio2, a textile fibre made from straw, an agro-residue that’s typically discarded or even burned, he shares. Burning straw is one of the biggest polluting problems in the world. This textile could in the future replace fossil-based raw materials and in this way, it would reduce land degradation and deforestation. We started talks with Fortum just before Covid hit, we continued talks with them, and at the beginning of last autumn, we had the first sample metres of the fabric.

Ekroth and his team also made decorative straw mobiles called Himmeli, which are popular in Finland. 

— We also made straw figurines and other decorations. We made tonnes of handmade straw decorations, and when I say ”we”, I mean my mum. She was amazing!

How does Bio2 contribute to better living? 

— Except for less pollution when the straw is not burnt but used, Bio2 won’t need separate fields to grow on and it won’t need watering. Compared to cotton it also needs less water for dyeing. The idea is that in the future, we will get our food and clothes from the same crop, Ekroth concludes.

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