Röhnisch drops the world’s first sportswear developed for PMS and hormons
Up to 90% of all women in fertile age experience physical or mental effects during the monthly cycle. Yet, no activewear has been developed with these changes in mind. Until now.
15 Mar 2021

Founded in 1945, Röhnisch offers training wear, golfwear, outerwear, and beachwear for women. The design team is 100% female with both knowledge and personal understanding of being active in an ever-changing female body. And the design idea behind the recent Infinite Flex collection might sound simple, but the insights behind it go deep.

The mentioned changes which 90% of fertile women experience during the monthly cycle include swelling or sore breasts and a bloated and aching belly. Among the most common remedies to ease the symptoms is to stay active, as studies show that physical activity is an effective way to ease most symptoms connected to hormonal fluctuations. In doing research, the brand discovered that many women, in spite of all benefits of training during PMS, skip their workout sessions simply because they do not feel comfortable during specific times of their cycle. Others choose to buy two different sizes of sports bras or leggings to meet their ever-shifting needs.

— We put all our resources into making sure our products fit all different female shapes and forms, during different stages in life and different times of the month. Launching Infinite Flex just means taking female specific design one step further — altering the fit depending on how you feel on a specific day, says Jeanna Giray, Design and Creative Director.

The collection includes a sports bra and leggings in high-functional, stretchy, and recycled materials. The bra can be adjusted to a tighter or looser fit by regulating the front shoulder straps as well as under the bust for monthly fluctuations in breast size. The leggings can be altered just above the hips for a bloated belly during PMS or any other changes over time.

— This is the end of double sizing or compromising with staying active. We know from our own experience that no matter if you are at the beginning of a pregnancy, in the middle of your heaviest flow, into a really snug fit or just want to think about your workout rather than your clothes, we aim to make you feel confident, comfortable, and strong in your own body. And of course, look great too, says Giray.