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Research and design lab opens public library in its Copenhagen HQ
SPACE10 curates a library of 100 essential design books focused on creating a better everyday life for people and the planet, with a revamped ground floor open to the public with a kiosk, gallery, and lineup of events.
27 Jan 2023

Located in the meatpacking district in Copenhagen, SPACE10’s headquarters is spread over three floors of a historic, open-plan building. The redesign of the ground floor, together with Copenhagen architecture and design studio Spacon & X, was created using local organic materials like wood and wool, with tables and chairs made from Danish-produced aluminium. It was initially inspired by the concept of a kiosk. Set up like a newsstand, the library includes modular, flexible newspaper-style racks and displays that will feature books, magazines, and titles for children. It comprises 100 thought-provoking books selected by the company team, based on a belief that information should be accessible and shareable, complemented by titles from guest curators, about design, architecture, environment, culture, and business. The books are all dedicated to how we build a better tomorrow for people and the planet and will be regularly updated with relevant titles. Thanks to a book exchange, visitors can simply leave a book and take a different one home.

— We learned in a recent SPACE10 survey that 87% of our community follow us for ’inspiration and new ideas’, while 59% want to be part of a ’like-minded community’, Kevin Curran, Spatial Design & Partnerships, SPACE10, explains. This felt like an opportunity to provide the community with a physical space that can be used for research, discussions, and meetups, and share books we find inspiring and that are shaping our own conversations and projects. We want to foster spaces where people and ideas can meet, and what better than a library to provide serendipitous encounters and conversations on a daily basis?

Not only inspired by a kiosk — in fact, the space actually also includes a kiosk, offering curated design objects, alongside snacks from local companies. These additions complement the gallery and stage area, which will continue to host events, book launches with visiting authors, and panel discussions.