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Rave Review is taking recycled clothing down a whole new road
Fasten your seatbelts — upcycled fashion brand Rave Review has created a collection using old car parts.
27 Oct 2022

The design duo has teamed up with Škoda to create a collection for the automobile brand’s Open Air, Open Roads campaign. The collection includes accessories, jackets and trousers — all made from different parts of a car as well as recycled fabrics from blankets and kilts. Some accessories feature parts of a seatbelt and the jackets are made with fabrics from car seats. 

Rave Review is a Stockholm-based fashion brand, founded by Livia Schück and Josephine Bergqvist, whose goal was to create upcycled garments in an experimental and exciting way.

While the collaboration is unique, this aligns well with Rave Review’s design philosophy. 

— We’ve been remaking clothing for a while so we were able to visualize quite quickly what parts of the cars would go together with the designs, co-founder Josephine Bergqvist says.

— It’s been a bit of a challenge to work with some of the materials though, the leather is for example a bit tougher and not as easily formed as the leather that is traditionally used for garments, co-founder Livia Schück tells us. 

Livia Schück and Josephine Berqvist, founders of Rave Review.

The collection by Rave Review is designed to inspire people to explore creative ways to give new things life and to recycle something that may seem old into a new thing that can actually be constructed as exclusive.

This is not the first time fashion and mobility meet to create together. Just a few weeks ago we saw Mercedes-Benz team up with creative studios Acte TM for Berlin Fashion Week and present their capsule collection that was inspired by both fashion and automotive designs.

— It would be incredibly cool to design a collection made from the interiors of a vintage sports car, maybe a classic Porsche 911. The colour combination and mixing of checkered patterns and leather feels very much up Rave Review’s alley!, Bergqvist concludes.