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EOE now matches CAKE’s electric motorbikes with biodegradable eyewear
Merging fashion and mobility in new capsule.
21 Sep 2022

The married couple Erik and Emilia Lindmark founded EOE Eyewear in the picturesque village of Ammarnäs in Swedish Lapland 10 years ago. 

— That’s where we have our winter cabin and we have continuously spent a great deal of time in the wild. There was no hesitation whatsoever that nature would play a central role both in product and in brand philosophy — we grew up with it. Seriously, it isn’t more complicated than that, Erik Lindmark explains. 

This summer, EOE Eyewear was selected to launch a limited resort collection together with Luisa Via Roma, inspired by the cornflower from Swedish meadows.

— It was part of LVRSustainable, promoting creativity by supporting conscious fashion, such as ethical trade, women’s empowerment, community engagement, recycling, upcycling, and luxury craftsmanship products, says Lindmark.


A few weeks ago, two brands that want to change one conservative industry each joined forces in a special capsule. One of them is EOE, the other is electric motorbike manufacturer CAKE.

— I have ridden a lot of bikes in my childhood, Erik continues, and I was so impressed by the look and feel of the CAKE Kalk OR, so I bought one a few years back. This was a way of getting my childhood back in a responsible way.

He then sent a picture of his new bike to CAKE founder Stefan Ytterborn — who replied by sending a picture of him having a pair of EOE Eyewear on his nose. After the duo then met several times, the result is a lifestyle collection for CAKE’s bike model MAKKA.

— It’s a bike for people’s daily commute, Lindmark explains. As it comes with windshields in different colours, we wanted to create a whole silhouette, taking into consideration the bike and the helmet. So, the collection matches your windshield in colour and is clean in its design to match the bike. The material in each frame is biodegradable as well as the lenses, which have also been optimized to help keep you out of the smallest traffic issues like sunshine directly onto your face and reflections. The eyewear does not keep you safe from traffic jams just yet…