Scandinavian Mind X Expo 2020
Water innovation talks (with Emilia Molin, Mike Hecker, and Robert Cederlund)
Season 3, episode 13.
5 Apr 2022

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The Water Innovation Talks panel discussion features BE WTR’s CEO Emilia Molin and Initiativ Utö’s CEO Robert Cederlund. The panel discusses how businesses can collaborate with NGOs to further develop innovation within water health.

Konrad Olsson, Emilia Molin (BE WTR), and Robert Cederlund (Initiativ Utö).

The podcast also features snippets from two keynotes presentations that we’re conducted at the Swedish pavilion’s presentation stage at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The first is from Mike Hecker, founder of BE WTR, who shares the nitty-gritty of how the Swiss-Swedish startup can eliminate single-use plastic bottles.

The other is from Robert Cederlund, CEO of Initiativ UTÖ, who explains how wetlands can help to restore the baltic sea.

Mike Hecker.
Robert Cederlund.