Digital Fashion
Photorealistic Cornerstone metaverse to host premium digital fashion event with The Fabricant
Focusing on levelling up the aesthetic of the digital fashion industry.
6 Jun 2023

With 12 years of experience and building over 650 photorealistic virtual worlds, the virtual studio Cornerstone, part of ZOAN group, has a goal to democratise what they describe as the photorealistic metaverse, making it accessible to everyone. They have now joined forces with leading digital-only fashion house The Fabricant, merging fashion with tech to redefine craftsmanship for the virtual space, to build a highly crafted digital fashion environment that showcases virtual garments at the highest possible visual quality. This move is focused on levelling up the aesthetic of the digital fashion industry and will be presented at an event called Wholeland, Primal Rive, inside Cornerstone in early September. The showcase is built in, and provides early access to, the Cornerstone metaverse, and will feature digital couture pieces from The Fabricant’s Wholeland collection. It will allow holders to wear their items, and brands and creators to create their own, customisable galleries.

According to Kerry Murphy, co-founder and CEO of The Fabricant, high-quality craftsmanship is the unlock for luxury players to participate in digital fashion. 

— This partnership raises the bar for the industry, meeting its needs and expectations with a virtual environment that knocks the aesthetics out of the park in terms of what’s visually possible, while elevating the fashion experience for our communities, he says.

— The rapidly emerging digital fashion industry is one of the key pillars of the metaverse, enabling users to build their digital identity while unlocking new areas of self-expression in the metaverse, says Miikka Rosendahl, founder and CEO of Cornerstone. The virtual fashion show with The Fabricant is designed to immerse the audience in the design with a new form of interactivity provided by metaverse.