Oslo Runway: The rise of Norwegian creativity
Episode 3, season 6 of our weekly podcast show on how technology is transforming the creative industries.
18 Aug 2023

Oslo Runway is three days of shows, exhibitions and other forms of fashion expression, not including the off-schedule events. We discuss where Norwegian fashion’s recent wave of creativity comes from, the role of Norway in the Nordic fashion ecosystem, and the rise of locally produced wool. Also, we will hear from four voices inside the Norwegian fashion scene:

Sunniva Hartgen, Head of Fashion at Oslo Runway.

Cathrine Boerter, founder of Pearl Octopuss.y — the hottest brand in Norway right now.

Hilde Pettersen Reljin, the co-founder of Collective Oslo which hosted several shows of up-and-coming designers.

Kyrre Alver, founder of the renowned Blender Agency.