Editor’s Letter
”One month in, and we are just getting started”
On what’s next for Scandinavian MIND
21 Sep 2020

It’s been exactly one month since we unveiled this new platform of ours. First, as a few teasing Instagram posts with the logo and tagline — Bridging lifestyle & technology. Then, a week later, as this website that you’re now on. Since then, we’ve been published daily news reports from our core areas — from design, fashion, and the arts, to technology, mobility, and science. We’ve also given voice to some of our most exciting thinkers and well-thought editors. And we’ve dipped our toes in formats that we look forward to expanding on more — from film documentaries to intelligence reports.  

It has been thrilling to see the platform emerge, particularly the way fashion and design get to live side-by-side with tech and innovation. This is the core of our mission, to marry lifestyle and technology. And with the many positive comments from you guys, our dear readers and supporters, we feel confident we are on the right path.

”It has been thrilling to see the platform emerge, particularly the way fashion and design get to live side-by-side with tech and innovation.” 

But as editors, we are never really satisfied. We are constantly discussing the balance between subject matters, evaluating what works and what doesn’t, and working hard on the next big concepts to launch. So I thought it would be time to give a little preview of what’s to come in the next couple of months. 

1. Editor’s at large

Scandinavian MIND is a collaborative effort, and part of our mission is to bring together the best minds from our areas of interest. That’s why we are recruiting an experienced lineup of Editors-At-Large — senior people and industry insiders that will bring insights and perspective to everything from sustainability in fashion to artificial intelligence. First out is Roland-Philippe Kretzschmar (Future & Digitisation) and Fredrik Ekström (Sustainability & Branding), and more names will be unveiled soon.

2. Podcast

We will soon launch our podcast offering, starting with our mothership: The Scandinavian MIND Podcast. This show, hosted by yours truly, will be a weekly discussion on current topics between our Editors-At-Large and other thoughtful guests. Every now and then, we’ll publish a long-form interview, starting with the cover stars of our upcoming print edition.

3. Magazine

Speaking of print, most of our days are now occupied with producing stories for our first print edition. Launching late October, this is going to be the peak of our content season, featuring both long-form profiles (I can’t wait to reveal our cover stars), thought-provoking fashion, insightful commentary, as well as a special section on the state of the beauty industry. 

4. Reports

This is an exciting new format in our publishing arsenal. Every season, we will bring you intelligence reports from the world of fashion, design, beauty, and tech, based on both quantitative data and qualitative interviews and reporting. You can read a preview of our first report The New Sustainable Consumer — and her search for truth, penned by our Editor-at-large Fredrik Ekström, here

5. Conference

This will be the culmination of the launch of Scandinavian MIND. In early November, we will bring a schedule of panel talks, keynote speakers, and live interviews to Alma’s Park in Stockholm. The event will be broadcast live through on our website, and the content will live in podcasts and videos afterwards.

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Thank you for your support!

Top Three

Things on my mind this week

The joy of the electric motor boat

Last week, I had en utmost pleasure of riding on one of Scandinavia’s true innovations — the X Shore electric motorboat, accompanied by the company’s charismatic founder (with a great first name) Konrad Bergström. More on this in the weeks to come, but you’ll find a preview in my Instagram Stories Highlights

The rise of the air ship

Sometimes it takes a decade for a technology to ripen. I’m astonished to see the airship make a comeback (yes, now safer than the Hindenburg) as a sustainable, energy-efficient alternative for air travel and transportation. Swedish company OceanSky Cruises with its North Pole expedition is one of the pioneers.

Gant’s newfound relevance 

My friend Christopher Bastin is back at Swedish preppy brand Gant, responsible for collaborations and all over vision and awesomeness. His first collab, with Italian boot brand Diemme, bodes well for the future of Gant. Read more here.