Nike’s new GO FlyEase sneakers are completely hands-free
The new sneakers make putting on shoes a lot more convenient.
2 Feb 2021

Nike has released the new laceless Nike GO FlyEase sneakers that can be put on and taken off without using your hands. A built-in hinge in the sole allows the wearer to easily slip in the shoe, and a tension band secures the shoe in place. When taking them off, you simply step on the heel with your opposite foot.

— Shoes for a long time have been a bit antiquated in the way that we undo the laces and then lace them up, this is a more modern, more elegant way to get in and out of your shoes and an easier way — you don’t even think about it, explains Sarah Reinersten, Nike design lead and American Paralympic trainer, to Dezeen

The shoe is strong enough to wear for athletic activities as well as casual wear, and whether you have your hands full, have any disabilities or simply are in are hurry, these new sneakers make the task of putting on shoes a lot easier. 

The GO FlyEase sneakers will go on sale for select Nike Members on February 15th before they become more widely available later this year.