Monica Förster: ”Macrocosmos and microcosmos come together in a perfect merge”
We speak to the Swedish designer about the hard work truly paying off this summer.
2 Aug 2023

Visiting the famous Villa San Michele in Capri inspired Förster to create the vase line Reed for Orrefors.

— Capri has an amazing landscape — macrocosmos and microcosmos come together in a perfect merge. Steep mountains meet the beautiful gardens of Villa San Michele and the crevasses in the mountains form strong lines which create the island’s strong character. That’s what really caught my eye during the visit and provided the basis for Reed.

Back home, the work to transfer sketches to three-dimensional object began with cutting on paper to transfer the mentioned lines that were so dominant in Capri.

— I think you can even see the movements of the hand In all the objects. When we then had to translate this into production, it became quite natural to work together with the technology instead of against it. When you blow glass that is asymmetrical, you need to divide the shape, and the glass then gets lines that come naturally from when it’s divided. In Reed, we have used this as part of the design.

The process was challenging but also rewarding with Förster winning the Designer of the Year award at AW Arkitektur & Wohnen — one of the most prestigious design awards in Europe. 

— Such an honour to receive it! Förster states. The award ceremony was at the Swedish embassy in Berlin which was followed by an exhibition, together with Polestar and Cosentino, which will now tour in different cities in Germany.

What’s next for you?

— We’re just finishing the studio’s first summer house, made of wood and situated on Torö in the Stockholm Archipelago.